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Art Traditions is an American company located in southern California. Founded in 2004, the Company has been publishing and distributing fine art paintings, sculpture and limited edition prints by national and international artists. 

Honesty, integrity and affordability are our hallmarks

Art Traditions began publishing in 1994, as a small Fine Art company, with the goal of managing several talented artists and producing signed & numbered limited edition prints from their original paintings. Today, we are an experienced Art Consultancy, able to acquire and sell Fine Art paintings and sculpture for investment and decorative purposes. 

Art Traditions

We specialize in your Collection; locating and acquiring collectible pieces by Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Picasso, Sam Francis and others.

Over the years, Art Traditions has represented Mark King, Arbe , Samir Sammoun, Zu Ming Ho, Charles Lynn Bragg , Maurice Meyer, Michael Joseph , Lindsay Dawson , Maria Zielinska, Stephen Schubert and many others, with the goal of bringing quality artwork to middle America.   Today, Art Traditions no longer operates a physical retail Gallery, but rather works through other art dealers and Galleries, or online through its own website and affiliated online sellers. 

As the saying goes:   “If you can’t beat ‘em , join ‘em” . And so we have. We now represent only a select few artists: BERBERYAN, Zu Ming Ho, Charles Lynn Bragg and Arbe; but we maintain a keen eye for quality. Our goal is still to bring quality artwork at fair prices, throughout the United States.

Additionally, we offer Art Consulting for Estate Sales, Art Restoration and some framing services for the artwork we sell.

Elliot Blinder: CEO Art Traditions

Who is Elliot Blinder?

Elliot Blinder is a published author who has consulted on projects with the City of Los Angeles, the US Olympic Committee, Sen. Ted Kennedy & the Kennedy family Foundation Very Special Arts , Maxim’s of Paris, Warner Brothers, The Disney Stores, the Los Angeles Dodgers and others.

As a Vice President of Martin Lawrence he oversaw publishing and distribution for artwork produced for their many Galleries throughout the United States. This included paintings and prints by Robert Rauschenberg, Peter Max, Andy Warhol, Aldo Luongo, Yamagata and others. Later, he was President of Marco Fine Arts, publishers of books and artwork by Robert Indiana, David Mamet, and Guy Buffet. 

Blinder has written or edited books including The Art of Hiro Yamagata, Warhol “Campbell’s Soup Boxes” and the Collected Works of Fanch Ledan.   His articles have appeared in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, the Cambridge Phoenix, Fusion, Elegant Living and Boston After Dark.

Originally from Boston and New York, Mr. Blinder now makes his home in Southern California, where he has founded several Fine Art Galleries over the past few decades including Promenade Gallery in Santa Monica, The Artful Eye in Oak Park, and most recently Artagraphix,  an art gallery and frame shop in Westlake Village California; all distributors of Fine Art limited editions and original paintings. Mr. Blinder , through his firm Art Traditions has been a Management and publishing firm for internationally renowned artists including Mark King, BERBERYAN, DELLORCO, Arbe, Maurice Meyer, Zu Ming Ho and others. 

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