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After years of Publishing Fine Art Limited Editions, and owning three Galleries in California – Promenade Gallery, The Artful Eye and Artagraphix – it is evident that the brick & mortar Gallery business is an endangered species. Thus. we have decided to join the 21st Century when/where collectors like to search, find and purchase their artwork Online.

These are three Fine Art programs we are proud to represent.

Truthfully, there are but two Artists represented here, as ARBÉ and BERBERYAN are two sides of the same individual. Immigrating here from Armenia in the early 1990’s, Ara Berberyan began his career along with his father (another famous Armenian painter), in a Gallery on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was there he developed the style you see here under ARBÉ.

As his popularity grew, he was featured in Shows, Art Expositions and on Cruise Ship Galleries & Auctions. Today, he still creates beautiful new pieces in the ARBÉ style, many of which we market as Limited Edition giclée’s in his Romantic, whimsical and Klimt-like style.

But underneath his playful and romantic visions, BERBERYAN waited, saving images of paintings that have been in his psyche since he was a young lad in Soviet Armenia. Born of the compromised lifestyle an Artist in the former Soviet Union had to endure, these images are colorful but shocking; humorous but unnerving; charged with emotion and irony.

BERBERYAN paintings are highly textured mixed-media originals on canvas. There are no prints from these images. Instead, they reflect an underlying passion for exposing the human soul that a totalitarian Soviet regime could influence, but could not quell.

Our other featured Artist is the brilliant and immensely talented Charles Lynn Bragg. Born into a family of famous Artists, Charles Lynn Bragg had to carve out a niche for himself different than his Dad’s and even more powerful in its scope and purpose. He became a Master printmaker and a talented creative force with his complex and detailed paintings of famous faces, wildlife, and underwater environments.

The Earth Icons series we represent here is an epic undertaking by Charles Lynn Bragg, reproducing with terrific accuracy the style and feel of some of the World’s most famous paintings, but each with a twist of parody and a warning about the peril our planet Earth is in today. Most of the originals from this Collection are already sold, but his beautiful colorful print editions are marketed exclusively by Art Traditions.

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