Caring for others with the help of the Art Community


Here at Art Traditions we believe in caring for and helping those less fortunate, in and outside of community. Toward this end, Art Traditions is promoting the support of individuals and non-profit causes we care most about. Sometimes an Artist will be involved in our current Project; other times not. Our first notable project took place at the 2010 NY Art Expo soon after the devastating earthquake that shook the island nation of Haiti, in January of that Year. Art Traditions arranged a trip to NY for  the Haitian museum director and hosted a benefit to help rebuild the famously destroyed Centre D’Art Museum there in Port au Prince. Since that time we have worked closely with Rotary on good causes, and helped other Fundraising entities with art donations .

Art Traditions will now begin using “Go Fund Me” as an accredited agency for the collection of funding; and hope this grows into something larger. We encourage our patrons to check out this Fundraisers page on a regular basis as it will change. We would like to thank you, in advance, for any participation you want to give towards our charitable good causes.

Elliot Blinder

CEO , Art Traditions / Westlake Village Gallery

Natalie’s  story

About Natalie

Natalie Auerbach is a 95-year-old Memory Care patient, and an amateur artist. She has always dabbled in art and wanted to be a painter, but chose instead to be a wife, a homemaker and a mother, as that was what was expected of her generation after World War II.

In her later years, beginning around the age of 80 (Natalie doesn’t clearly remember when) she began taking art lessons, sometimes privately, sometimes attending classes. She continues to take painting & drawing classes whenever she can – proving it is never too late to follow your dreams – and everyone agrees this calms her anxiety, and gives her purpose.

Natalie has lived in Massachusetts, where she was born, in Connecticut, New Jersey, Louisiana (outside New Orleans), in Florida and California. She temporarily resides with her daughter, who wants to keep her “at home” despite the difficult times, the challenges and the costs, rather than put her Mom in a Nursing Care facility where she will be in the hands of strangers. The costs of caring for Natalie, due to her age and her disease, are astonishing.

Therefore, the idea to sell her paintings, to raise money for Natalie’s dementia care,  was born.

Natalie Auerbach

Help Natalie achieve her goal.

Check out the Go Fund Me page for Natalie, and find out how you can support her via her artistic endeavors to lead a full and active life with her family as she heads toward her centenary years!  

Natalie's art

Take a look at some of Natalie's original paintings
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