Earth Dance


24″ x 32″ Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas. Numbered
Our price 50% off (Through to 30 November 2019)

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24″ x 32″ Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas. Numbered.
Our price 50% off (Through to 30 November 2019)

This Earth Icons series is a journey through art history, because Art from centuries past can still talk to us, and have great meaning today.  This series, by California artist Charles Lynn Bragg, uses the world’s most iconic images to remind us that we all must become aware that our planet Earth is fragile,  and needs our love and more attention.

Mankind has found myriad ways of exploiting the Globe’s many resources but has spent far too little effort and energy preserving and protecting our Mother Earth.  By using well-known images that easily capture our attention and imagination, Bragg fuses his love of Art with his love of life and Nature.  His Earth Icons series reaches out from the early cave paintings, through the Renaissance, the old European masters, from Realism to Cubism to Abstract Impressionism. Examining their messages and giving them a humorous or ironic twist we find a deeper understanding of their message and power in the context of our Planet in peril.

In his most famous image, the artist Henri Matisse made an iconic statement about Humanity –  represented by nude flesh-toned women dancing around a sphere – and how we are all connected.

It was 1909. But Matisse didn’t know anything about the Internet, about Facebook, television or satellite photography. He wasn’t particularly conscious of race relations either. But, today’s Planet Earth consists of interconnected nations, people of all colors, all persuasions truly sharing a planet. We are all connected, now as never before in history; and we are connected now to other planets by Space Travel and intergalactic communication.

And therefore, Charles Lynn Bragg has teamed up with the great post-Impressionist Fauve Artist Matisse to re-create the 21st Century:  “Earth Dance”.   


Charles Lynn Bragg


Giclee on Canvas


24" x 32"


Limited Edition. Numbered
Our price 50% off (Through to 30 November 2019)

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